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Guinea's Guide to Creating A Capsule Wardrobe: Part 1

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Emma Westwood

Guinea Team Blogger


With people becoming mindful of sustainability and their impact on the planet, building a capsule wardrobe is increasingly on the rise, as a capsule wardrobe prevents unnecessarily purchases and helps combat the polluting nature of fast fashion. This isn't to say you are limited to just these key pieces, not at all, these pieces help create the foundation of your wardrobe which you then build upon, incorporating these items into multiple different styles. 


Now we are certainly not saying scrap your wardrobe and start afresh - absolutely not - creating a capsule wardrobe is more about being mindful when you replace a worn out or damaged item.


Items such as coats and handbags should be investment pieces, purchase the best quality you can, so they will last you years. After all these are the items more frequently used on a day to day basis.


And with all that in mind, let Guinea guide and inspire you with our Top 10 key pieces.

1. Trench Coat


A absolute must to beat the British climate, is a stylish coat, and a well cut, classic trench will never go out of style. 


The beauty of this style of coat, is it can be dressed up or down, daytime or evening, meaning it is oh so wonderfully versatile.


Whether you opt for wool or velvet, this coat won't let you down, and is dependable all year round.  If you invest in a statement piece you won't be disappointment.

model wears a navy velvet trench coat in front of a  large house with  a lawn

2. Cami Top



Super simple but incredibly adaptable is a silk camisole top. This garment is no longer relegated to merely underwear status, this super chic item can be worn with jeans for understated elegance, with a blazer or suit for more formal wear, or with a skirt or tailored trousers for an evening look.


Though of course it can still be layered under a sheer blouse or dress.


Opt for a cami with lace for a touch of glam.

A ivory silk cami top

3. A White/Cream Shirt


A white or cream shirt is a must, must, must! Suitable for a day out, lunch with the girls, supper with your significant other, or for important appointments or the office - we can guarantee you will not regret investing in this key item - a wardrobe is simply not complete without one!



4. Roll Neck

A black roll neck jumper is a fabulous item to have. It can be dressed up or down as the occasion calls for it, it can be layered, and is so iconic and classic it has become synonymous with film stars such as Audrey Hepburn.


If you find such a dark colour too draining on your complexion why not opt for a charcoal grey or navy blue instead.

Black roll neck jumper

5. Classic Jumper


We all adore a cosy knit sweater for the autumn and winter, but it's not really an item suitable for all year round, instead you need a jumper in your capsule wardrobe which can see you through the entire year.


We would recommend a Breton striped jumper as it is understated and timeless. 


Our top tips for a classic jumper is it needs to be thin but warm,  as anything too bulky will out look of place in summer, even on a cool day. Look for something containing wool or cashmere.



Model wears a navy and white Breton striped jumper with roll neck

6. Blazer

No longer seen as dated, the blazer is now a capsule wardrobe must have and year round staple, thanks to style icons such as  Princess of Wales, who makes this garment seem low key yet regal - making her smart yet approachable.


You can choose to go with black or navy but don't be afraid of colour either - there is no point buying it in a dark colour if you never wear it, instead pick something that will work with the wardrobe you already have.



model wears a Navy Blue military style womens blazer with gold embellishment and a multicolour dress

7. Jeans


No capsule wardrobe would be complete without jeans!


The important thing with jeans is to find the cut which flatters you. Skinny jeans are not for everyone - and the least said about low rise cut the better!!!


Chose a denim wash you will get the most use from, whether it is a light or dark wash, and watch out for pocket position on the derriere - the placement of the pocket can make all the difference between you looking peachy or flat as a pancake. 


A model wearing dark blue jeans and black high heels.

8. Handbag



A woman can feel naked without her lipstick or her handbag or so they say! 


Whether you like a small handbag, which is just enough for the essentials, or one so large it makes you feel like Mary Poppins, it is up to you, however at Guinea we think a tote bag is the ideal size - practical and functional without compromising on style.


We just love, love, love Aspinal of London and its range of glorious bags. My personal fav is the London Tote in tan woven leather.


A handbag is not just a capsule wardrobe essential but an everyday essential.

9. Invisible Shoes

You may well be wondering what are invisible shoes and thinking to yourself: I've never heard of them? Is this a Cinderella, glass slipper, type situation?


Quite simply an invisible shoe, is a shoe which does not draw attention away from your outfit. Sometimes you just want to wear a statement piece and let it shine, without it competing with another item, to the point you don't want your footwear to even be noticed.


An ideal pair of shoes for such an occasion would be a strappy high heel but not everyone has time for a pedicure, in which case a nude high heel, which matches your skin tone would work just as well - with the added bonus of making your legs appear fabulously long.

10. The Little Black Dress

And finally, and by no means least - no capsule wardrobe would be complete without it - the infamous Little Black Dress!


The most important thing about a Little Black Dress is to find one which reflects your style and flatters your shape. There is  no point buying a sleeveless style if you prefer to cover your arms, or buying something below the knee if you have amazing legs and like to show them off. Don't let what's in vogue dictate the dress you buy, pick a style which will never go out of style on you.


And if a LBD isn't your thing, how about a perfectly tailored tuxedo suit instead- you can even wear that with the cami mentioned earlier - and with those strappy shoes…



We hope Guinea has given you an insight as to just how versatile a capsule wardrobe can be! With just a few key pieces you are able to create a multitude of styles for so many different occasions.


And in our next blog we are going to show you, just how versatile they can be, by styling them in numerous different ways!


Be sustainable, be stylish, be #guineaglam


The Guinea Team xx