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Dress to Flatter: The Derrière

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Judith Cutting

Founder & Creative Director

Guinea's guide of how to dress to flatter your derrière


Flat as a pancake, round and proud, pert as a peach or Beyonce bootylicious – it is not about “does my bum look big”, anymore, it should be about about, “does my bum look good?” In our latest blog, of our ‘Dress to Flatter’ series, Guinea gets to the bottom of (pun very much intended) dressing to flatter your posterior. No matter your shape, Guinea is here help you look fabulous and #guineaglam

Top Stylist Secret

A pair of heels help give you shape by shifting your posture and tilting your pelvis forward. This pushes your bottom up, helping to create beautiful curves. According to top stylists, wearing a pair of heels will actually raise your bottom by 20 -30 degrees depending on the heel height!

First Step To A Beautiful Bottom

Underwear is the starting point and whatever your bottom size, the right knickers should be the first port of call. The best type, whether you are going for a skirt or figure hugging jeans, is a soft pair in quality fabric that will not sag or creep (the horror). They need to fit closely so as not to create lines or rolls, but not be too tight – this can distort the shape and create unhelpful bulges where you didn’t have them in the first place!

Think about seamless pants – there are lots of choices out there, and these are absolutely essential if you’re going for a figure hugging look. Remember - Skim Not Cling is the golden rule with any underwear and clothing covering the bottom.

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The Perfect Jeans

For flatter bottoms you can still hit a high note using figure hugging high rise jeans or trousers. Carefully chosen, these will make your bottom look higher and therefore rounder and less flat.

For those with small peachy bottoms, lower rise jeans create a beautiful shape as the waist band will be more around the hips. As this is your widest point the focus from the waist band will create a fuller look.

Bigger or fuller bottoms, (hello J-Lo and Kim Kardashian), then high rise jeans with discreet seams are the perfect jeans for you, as they cinch in at the waist creating that tailored yet round voluptuous shape .

Top Tip: Absolutely avoid small/undersized back pockets. These just make your bottom look wider than it is so stick to classic back pockets.

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General Rules For Your Best Bottom

Add balance to bigger bottoms by shifting focus to other areas, think a V-neck top with maybe a statement necklace to shift the focus.

Tops that finish above the widest part of your bottom – preferably form fitting will do wonders for your shape whether you are a size 10 or a size 16. This is perfect for all bottom shapes.

Small bottom hero pieces that create a fuller, more shapely looking derriere are frill hem skirts, figure hugging high waist jeans, shape-wear and fit and flare skirts or dresses

Big bottom hero pieces are skirts, trousers or dresses that cinch in at the smallest point, creating a more streamlined figure whilst accentuating the best bits.

Top stylists say that if you are trying to accentuate a smaller bottom or flatter a bigger bottom then steer clear of boxy shapeless coats or jackets as they do not create any shape. They’ll simply skim over the bits you need to show off, making you look wider. Going for a tailored or fitted style that narrows at the back really will flatter and skim over natural curves and accentuate your shape in the best possible way – again the golden rule here is ‘Skim not Cling’.

At Guinea, we really believe it is about celebrating what you have and feeling fabulous. So when in doubt about what is best for your bottom, then have a think about what you like best about it and follow our advice to accentuate the best bits!

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