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Dress to Flatter: The Chest

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Judith Cutting

Founder & Creative Director

Guinea's guide of how to dress to flatter your chest

As part of our ‘Dress to Flatter’ series of blogs, we have already taken a long hard look at how to make your waist look smaller, so if you missed this blog you can check it out below. We know from talking to you all at shows and events that your bust is another major area of anxiety – we’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve told us, “it’s too big”, and of course, “it’s too small”. So, we want you to learn to love this important, awe inspiring asset and just take some tips on how to dress to be a totally perfect you.

No matter what your boob size, here at Guinea we want to focus on making the most of what you have. We want to celebrate and show you how to accentuate all shapes and sizes, what to perhaps avoid, and tricks to flaunt and dress what you have. We will show how, by using classic pieces you can create the perfect silhouette, making you look and feel your best whether you are an A cup or a EE cup. There is nothing more empowering and wonderful than a confident woman!

Small Boobs

All you lovely small bosomed women are lucky enough to be able to make a t-shirt look chic, you can no doubt pull off a backless dress, going ‘bra-less’ and still running for a bus – oh the joys!

The Ultimate Aim:  Create curves and shape using clever tailoring and well-cut pieces accentuating your assets and not looking totally straight from top to bottom.

What To Avoid: Keep away from boxy shapes and anything too square on the top. This will just make you look shapeless and could make your bottom half look bigger if you have a small bust, but curvier hips or thighs.

Key Style Tips: Empire lines are a great way to create extra shape due to the clever placement of a dividing seam, tops with bows or ruffles work wonderfully to create added volume, a sharp blazer can also create extra shape and curves on your top half.

Secret Weapon:  
A ruffled top will always create volume in the chest area, and also looks super feminine.  A sharp tailored blazer will give you some serious structure, whilst a classic wrap dress would be another perfect investment piece for all seasons.

Small Boob Icon: Cameron Diaz

Our Perfect Product: Our Emily Silk Shirt range, Claudia Blouse and stylish Mayfair Military Jacket would be a winner for you.  The frills and ruffles will naturally add volume to your bust area, whilst the diagonal button closure of the Mayfair will emphasise the waist and curves. Remember it’s all about dressing for an optical illusion!

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Big Boobs

Well you lucky ladies, hourglass curves are the dream of many, and what is important to know as the lucky owner of a full bust, is that a magnificent décolletage can be chic as well as sexy

The Ultimate Aim: An hourglass shape without looking matronly or in any way “blousy” – as if!

What To Avoid: Avoid any clothing which hangs down from the bust – if you lose your waist you’ll lose your shape.  Jackets with wide lapels or shirts with breast pockets will only add to your already ample assets. Key message is to avoid any “fuss”.

Key Style Tips: Show off your waist at its narrowest point, so if you are wearing a flowing blouse, tuck it in with some belted jeans or trousers, this will nip in the waist and create a gorgeous and balanced shape. When choosing a dress, sleeves are an absolute must to create clean lines, and will draw attention away from the bust.  Tight and fitted tops look great, and just remember that as the eye can’t focus on one spot, patterns and prints will really help to distract the eye and minimise the bust, just keep it simple.

Secret Weapons: Scoop necks and V necks are your go-to necklines, and this includes coats and jackets.  A tight classic striped top to wear with jeans or skirts would be a great investment, as would a wide legged jumpsuit that is fitted or belted at the waist.

Big Boob Icon: Christina Hendricks

Our Perfect Product: Our beautifully tailored Piccadilly Coat will give you a streamlined and chic look.  With its clean lines and sharp tailoring, all the attention will be on your perfect nipped in waist.

Our Lucy Dress or Izzy Dress, with their flattering V-neck and discreet elasticated panelling, will make certain that the garment will fit your chest and your waist! Meaning you need not compromise on fit or style in order to accommodate a more ample bosom.

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So, now there’s only one anxiety area left to cover – the derrière.  In the next blog of this series, whether you think yours is too big or too small, we are tackling everything you need to know to make sure your bottom looks peachy perfect! #guineaglam

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