Colour swatches fanned out in rainbow of colours

Guinea's Guide to Colour Analysis

Like me, I'm certain some of you will have hazy memories of ‘having your colours done’ or ‘Colour me Beautiful’, but have since completely forgotten if I was a soft summer or a clear winter. 


This was a trend which was popular back in the 80's/early 90's, when colours in fashion were garish, and neon and electric yellow was really going to flatter very few. Mercifully those colour palette days are behind us and there is a resurgence of discovering what colours most flatter your complexion thanks to #colouranalysis trending on social media platforms such as TikTok.


Maybe you are reading this and thinking, "I have no idea what you are talking about", well in that case Guinea is here to explain the trend and help guide you in discovering the benefits of colour analysis.

colour analysis colour palettes for winter, spring, summer and autumn

What is Colour Analysis?

The most simple way to describe colour analysis is this - finding out which colours most flatter you.


What does that mean exactly? 


Let me put it this way, I am certain, we all have lurking in a wardrobe, an item of clothing we absolutely love but very rarely wear, but you don't exactly know why. You may love the style, the cut, the length, the print and the colour, but whenever you put it on, there is something just not quite right about it but you cannot put your finger on it, so you take it off and hang it back up. Back in the wardrobe it goes, to be pulled out another day, and maybe worn this time, but you feel you look fine instead of fantastic. The simple truth is it might just be the wrong colour/shade for you.


It's that simple.


You may not realise it, but that colour may be making you appear more flushed, or sallow, or drained. You might suddenly be more aware that the skin under your eyes appears darker, but you never suspect your clothing might be the culprit, instead you blame it on a bad night's sleep.


This is where colour analysis comes into play. Colour analysis helps make the most of your complexion. 

How does Colour Analysis work?


Quite simply, your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour are all taken into consideration to determine what ‘season’ you are.


There are a few of ways you can discover what colours suit you/what season you are. Option One: You can pay a consultant. Option Two: You can use one of the many filters or apps out there to help you. Option Three: A free online quiz.


However, it helps to be more specific than just a generalised season, which is why there are subcategories of seasons, such as; deep, rich, cool, warm, soft.


It can seem very confusing and a bit baffling, and rather off putting before you even begin, but a simple questionnaire can help you figure out what category you fit into. If you want to have a go for yourself, here is a fun colour analysis quiz


I took the quiz and I am an Autumn. Sub category: Deep/Dark Autumn. And to be fair, that is really rather accurate, as a lot of the colours shown are what I am drawn to for clothing naturally. I discovered long ago pastel shades are not my friend and make me look washed out.

How will Colour Analysis benefit me?


The main benefit is, it will make certain whatever you put on makes you feel fab instead of drab. No one wants to put on an outfit and feel just fine. Why merely like an outfit when you can love an outfit!


Colour analysis can also extend to what colour makeup would work best with your colouring, as well as what jewellery.


But don't feel that you have to give up colours that you love, if they don't fit within your season colour palette, it is just recommend that you wear them further away from your face.


And good rule of thumb is if you look in the mirror and see your eyes first; the colour suits look, if you see your lips first; the colour may not be the most flattering.


Another benefit, is of course wardrobe space - as it should free up room, by preventing you buying items that you liked on the hanger but then never wore outside of the shop changing room.



Above all else, remember, colour analysis is just a guide. It shouldn't stop you from wearing what you want and love. It is just a tool to help you feel your most fabulous and #guineaglam.


-The Guinea Team xx