British style has a specific and recognisable feel and heritage - trying to define it is extremely hard, it is enigmatic and distinct.  At its core, it is always timeless, classic and elegant. Guinea is a truly British brand, with a very British look, and key to this look is creating chic clothes, cut to flatter which work for all aspects of your busy life. 

When Guinea was founded in 2017 we wanted a brand identity which said it "all" in one word - an iconic name that meant luxury, quality and tradition - the finest things in life. So, when we came across a guinea coin from 1775 at the back of a drawer we knew we had found our brand inspiration. For 400 years, the guinea, a solid gold coin was used in Britain to buy only the most luxurious of items. From race horses, to paintings, to wine and fine tailoring, they were all priced in guineas, and so the guinea became the currency of the wealthy and quite literally a mark of gold standard quality.

Outerwear is at the core of our collections, but the Guinea label has slowly expanded to introduce accessories to complement this range. What never changes is an ethos that values the enduring elegance of good style over fashion. 

We are very conscious of our own equestrian origins, and as a family run business we love this picture of the owners grandfather taken in the 1930s. He's sporting a tweed coat (naturally) and leading his horse which had just won a point-to-point race.  With our roots firmly fixed in the British sporting calendar, we still spend several months every year travelling to the top summer shows and events, bringing our new collections to the top equestrian and sporting events.  For a full list of where to find us each season take a look at our Show Schedule.