“British design and style has a specific
and recognisable feel and heritage.
It is enigmatic but distinct.”

Judie Cutting, Guinea Founder

Making women look and feel good is central to every design and style that I create. I founded Guinea in 2017 to create a luxury women’s clothing brand with a distinctly British feel, and a mission to make sure that every style is always designed and cut to flatter.

Guinea is very much a design led brand, and I place a strong focus on creating quality wardrobe pieces that you will wear for years and which will never date. From the classic wools sourced and woven in England and used for the heritage tailored coats and jackets, to the silks used for pretty tops and blouses, the pursuit of quality and sustainable fabrics and processes is paramount to the collections.

Life is busy and demanding, and I really understand the importance of versatile wardrobe classics which will work for you across all aspects of your day, effortlessly giving you style and confidence.

'Quality pieces
that never date'