chanel No 5 perfume bottle, red lipstick, hermes handbag

Guinea's Guide to Signature Style

What is a Signature Style?


The easiest way to explain it is by using examples. What kind of examples? Legendary Style Icons, whose looks have stood the test of time and are still copied decades later.


If I said, describe Marilyn Monroe style, how many of you would say: Red Lipstick, Beauty Mark, Chanel No. 5? I bet you would have listed at least one.



Let's do another example.


Audrey Hepburn: Ballet Pumps, Capri Trousers, Turtle Neck Jumper.



These women may be the legends behind two of Hollywood's most iconic dresses, The White Subway Dress and the Breakfast at Tiffany's LBD, but their everyday style was easily emulated and achievable for the housewife, working woman, or student. It was not exclusive to the Hollywood elite.


How did they achieve their signature style? They had key wardrobe and beauty items which they wore or used time and again, to the point it is now intrinsic in how we remember them.


Before we move on to how you can create your own signature style, just for the fun of it, here are three more icons and their signature style.


Grace Kelly: Head scarfs/Neck scarfs. And of course her Hermès Handbag. A handbag Grace Kelly made so popular it was renamed in her honour! Originally called the Sac à dépêches (made in 1935) it was rebranded in 1977 the Kelly Bag


Jackie O: Oversized Sunglass, Shift Dresses, Gucci Jackie Bag- another bag renamed for the woman who made it famous- this Gucci bag was original called the Constance.


Elizabeth Taylor: Eye Makeup and Eyebrows, Lavish Jewellery, Beauty Mark.

black and white images of Grace Kelly, Jackie O and Elizabeth Taylor

Creating your own Signature Style

Now you might very be thinking, that's all very well and good, I'm not a movie star and fashions change- who wears headscarves anymore? Plus, I don't have a team of designers around me or freebies given to me, I have a full time job, or I'm a busy mum, or I'm a working mum!


However, every woman is capable of creating her own key style with just a few key pieces, which won't break the budget or seem over dressed.


  • A Signature Lipstick Colour- pick a lip product in a shade you love and stick to it for everyday use.

  • Highlight Your Best Facial Feature- whether that is your lips, eyes, or cheek bones; you don't need to overdo it, to draw attention to it. 

  • A Signature Scent- you may already have your favourite perfume, so you're already well on your way to a signature style. If you don't, why not take a perfume quiz to find which scents you might like, or have a scent for each season. Personally, I love Ghost Deep Night for evening events, but find it too heavy for the daytime and in the spring and summer months, so I like having fun trying out new lighter scents, until I find one I love for the daytime that season.

  • A Classic Handbag- find a size and style that works for you and invest in a good quality piece which will last you years. If you don't wear black, don't invest in a black handbag, which won't get used every day. Consider a tan or neutral colour instead. If you like to make a statement why not go bold, with red, blue, or pink! You don't have to choose something ‘dull’ if that is not your style, so long as it works with your everyday look and colours, why not have fun!

  • Dress For You Not Fashion- Know what styles flatter or conceal those trouble area you don't want to draw attention too and highlight your assets! Think of all the icons who showcased their waists (Monroe and Taylor) or gave us serious leg envy (Betty Grable).

Any key principle to creating a signature style, is knowing your proportions, so you know what styles work best for you. A petite woman knows to avoid styles which overwhelm her frame; whether in cut or length. While a woman who has a bigger bust knows to avoid high necklines and favour v-neck styles.

Modern Style Icons

michelle obama, princess of wales, florence welch, dita von teese
  • Michelle Obama- Channelling Jackie O First Lady Chic.

  • HRH The Princess of Wales- Effortlessly Elegant whether she is dressed regally for Royal events, or dressed down for a more casual look, one of her signature look pieces is a blazer!

  • Florence Welch- Exudes oho Glamour

  • Dita Von Teese- Modern Vintage bringing Old School Hollywood everyday.

Be your own Style Icon


While we can't all have the budget and style team of a movie star from yesteryear, we can take their key principles and work them into our everyday look. After all, these icons were known for their casual style as much as their red carpet glamour.


Plus, once you have figured out your signature style, you can start investing in good quality, key pieces which you use time and again, which also means you are well on your way to building a sustainable capsule wardrobe, and we are huge advocates of sustainability here at Guinea.


And nowadays we can all be our own style team, as thanks to the internet, we have access to Youtube tutorials on makeup and styling, and any fashion we want- we don't have to be restricted with outfit choice because that's all that's available in the shops because that's what's currently in vogue. 


Dress Classic, dress Boho, dress Casual, dress in Layers- Jo, one of your Guinea team, is the Queen of layering in the office. Dress however you want, to reflect who you are, create your own signature style and become your own style icon.


Happy styling and be #guineaglam


-The Guinea Team xx