Our Values


When we founded Guinea, we had three key aims:

  • to create timeless and classic investment pieces which will look as good in 10 years time, as they do when you first buy them,
  • to source and work with natural fibres such as wool and silk, where possible,
  • to try to ensure that ALL the people in our supply chain, from the cloth producers to the production factories and couturiers are properly paid and have good working conditions.

At the time, we didn't think we were starting a journey on the road of sustainability, but at each stage the more we learn the more we want to improve what we do.  As we grow and diversify our product ranges we want to ensure that not only do we adhere to our original principles but that we continually improve on every front and aspect of the business.  Guinea London has even compiled a guide for our customers on how to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Slow fashion and a belief in creating garments to last is at the heart of Guinea London and this fits well with our original values - the mantra "buy less choose well", is always at the forefront of our collections and product launches. For more on Guinea London and sustainability read our blog.

At every step on our journey to greater sustainability there are new challenges and opportunities to improve how we operate.  A new focus for 2020, is how we can upgrade our mail order packaging materials to use more sustainable options.  So watch this space and we will keep you updated.  


The rights and conditions of all the workers and producers in our supply chain are very important to Guinea.  But as a women's wear brand, the rights and treatment of women in particular is very much uppermost in our minds.

Guinea has personally visited all the Tier 1 factories in our supply chain and believes in building strong relationships with the factories at all levels.  Currently, all the factories we work with are small, family run enterprises and this helps us foster close and positive relationships.  As we grow this is something that we will follow very carefully. You can read more about this area and our thoughts on the Fast Fashion industry here