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The Hot Trend for 2020 - Sustainability

Judie Cutting 
Founder & Creative Director

Last year we wrote a piece on fast fashion, with a follow up piece on building a sustainable wardrobe. Since then big buzzwords such as ‘slow fashion’ and ‘sustainable fashion’, along with the fast fashion industry being exposed as one of the most polluting on the planet, has made this a huge topic and concern for 2020!

This year’s Fashion Week saw throwaway trends becoming increasingly unpopular, and buyers shifting their focus to looking for clothes that have a lasting impact on a capsule wardrobe (Hurrah). This year’s AW20 runway collections focused very much on being realistic and truly wearable.

We at Guinea London feel ahead of the curve and the headlining trends for 2020, and since our inception we have focused on sustainable and pieces which can give multiple wears in all aspects of your life – we strive to create classic, timeless pieces that flatter women, to make them look and feel good. 

A perfect example are our classic Trench coats. This flattering shape is so popular, that we are now launching a super glam velvet collection called the Electra which follows the classic lines of the Trench shape.

The desire for eternal and timeless pieces stems from sustainability. Even the AW20 runway collections made a case for building a capsule wardrobe that you can wear twelve months a year. This is certainly reflective of the trend to no longer buy something to wear for one season only. 

Hollywood gets in on the act!

This year at the Oscars, sustainable fashion was the biggest winner, and the red carpet was certainly the greenest yet! Hollywood’s A-Listers were asked to wear gowns and suits that they already owned, or had previously worn to the big event. Jane Fonda was a shining example, stepping up to the brief in her beaded Ellie Saab dress that she first wore 6 years ago.

Another shining example was star of the moment, Laura Dern who looked beautiful in an Armani dress that she wore for the first time back in 1990 and also in 2013 for the Vanity Fair Oscars party – both stars proving that timeless style will always look good! 

Guinea London is Proud to be part of the Slow Fashion movement!

Small and independent brands are natural leaders when it comes to sustainability, because of their size they make garments in far smaller quantities. Guinea London has a direct relationship with couturiers and bespoke manufacturers ensuring that we can produce in small less wasteful production runs – every metre of cloth is used up and nothing is thrown away.

All of us can make small changes to help reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion. And here are some of our top tips:

  • Steer clear of trends and fads which won’t stand the test of time. Instead choose classic pieces and go for quality over quantity.
  • Focus on smaller or independent brands that can trace the entire life-cycle of their garments.
  • Look at key pieces that can build the basis of a capsule wardrobe that you will still love in years to come – investment pieces are key.
  • Avoid synthetic fabrics if possible, as these release micro-plastics into the environment.
  • Look after your clothes, hand washing, repairing, wrapping expensive knitwear in summer months to protect from moth damage. This way you can make items last for multiple seasons and still look good.

We can all make small changes that contribute to making a bigger collective difference. If something isn’t quite right for you then don’t buy it. Some stylists we work with have the 30 wears rule - if you can’t see yourself wearing an item 30 times, then it’s simply not worth buying. Finding out what suits you, and what styles work for your shape means you will naturally stick to timeless pieces that flatter and make you look and feel your best for years to come.