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Summer to Autumn Styling

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Emma Westwood

Guinea Team Blogger

Layers, layers, layers!


Summer to autumn styling can be tricky, as there are those surprisingly warm days which catch you unawares, or the mornings which appear bright and sunny but have a deceptive bite of chill to the air. Guinea's key advice is layering and in this blog we are going to explore how to can stay #guineaglam using all your favourite wardrobe pieces.

A Layer For Every Weather


When we are still at the tail end of summer, it is especially important to dress ready for for any weather, and any temperature! 


This is a super smart styling inspo, as you start with a sleeveless base layer, meaning you are prepared for a day which eventually turns out to be unexpectedly hot and sunny. However, the knitted tank is fab if it is sunny but with occasional cool breeze. Finally, the Guinea Mayfair blazer is perfect for when the weather stays overcast and cool.


This is a wonderful outfit for indoors or outdoors, as it allows you to easily adapt to whatever environment you find yourself in.

military jacket, white sleeveless top, tank top, jeans, espadrilles and sunglasses

Layering Your Outerwear

Layering is not just exclusively for your everyday wear, such as shirts and jumpers, layering is equally key for your outerwear. 


You might start your day with a school run, dog walk, or stable duties and one coat and a thin jumper just isn't enough, but by later in the day you might be over-heating, in your chunky knit, so why not try this 3 layer combo instead:


  1. A thin, wool roll neck: warm but not bulky.

  2. A gilet or tank top: Gives additional warmth to the body without restricting the arms. The Guinea gilet comes with a removeable faux fur collar - talk about versitile!

  3. Jacket/Coat: This final layer protects from the elements of rain and wind and keeps you toasty and warm.

These 3 layers is the ideal way to make sure you can go through your busy day without worrying you made the wrong wardrobe decision.


model wear a camel roll neck, a faux fur collar gilet and a brown velvet puffer jacket
model wears combat jacket with navy and red jumper

Essential Summer to Autumn Key Pieces

Having a capsule wardrobe really comes into its own at this time of year, as you will already have so many of your key pieces in place! If you want to learn more about creating a capsule wardrobe, see the blog links at the end of this piece, but in the mean time, the key essentials items we would suggest are:


  • A shirt you absolutely love in a natural fibre for breathability.

  • A thin jumper, once again made with natural fibres, so you stay toasty and warm without feeling swamped by fabric.

  • A versatile coat, Guinea's velvet coats are made of cotton velvet meaning they are lovely and light while keeping you super stylish and warm. To shop our full range of velvet coats click the button below.

Layering Lifesavers

Layering isn't just about the clothing - it's about the accessories too… These are our top, over-looked items, which can be a layering lifesavers.


  • A light-weight scarf


  • Tights


  • Sunglasses


  • A belt - this helps showcase your shape which may have been concealed by the layering!


  • Fingerless gloves. We love these fingerless tweed mittens by Maud & Fox

yellow autumn leaves with sunshine

We hope you have found this Guinea blog on Summer to Autumn styling helpful and that it has given you some inspiration of how to use and incorporate items from your existing wardrobe - as well as help you realise what may be missing. To shop our entire collection, click the button below, and make sure to check out the new in section - you don't want to miss out!


Stay stylish, stay warm, stay #guineaglam


-The Guinea Team xx