cream silk shirt, jeans, black roll neck jumper

Guinea's Guide to Creating A Capsule Wardrobe: Part 2

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Emma Westwood

Guinea Team Blogger

In our first instalment of this two part blog guide on creating a capsule wardrobe, we told you our top 10 key pieces, which will help you create a versatile and varied wardrobe. Well now here are 10+ ways to style those 10 pieces.



Capsule Wardrobe: Summer & Autumn styling ideas

Summer into autumn styling can be tricky, one never knows if you will be basking in glorious warm sunshine or dashing to hide from increasingly frequent rain showers. So for these two everyday casual looks, we teamed the jeans and tote bag, with the silk cami and military blazer for a warmer day with a chance of rain or for cooler weather, a warm but light-weight roll neck jumper with a the trench coat.

white cami, jeans, navy military style blazer, brown bag, high heels
camel trench, black roll neck, jeans, brown bag

Capsule Wardrobe: Cami Top/Military Blazer Lunch styling ideas

military jacket, cami top, trainers, denim skirt, pink bag

Capsule Wardrobe: white/cream Shirt styling ideas

A white/cream shirt is one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe. It covers everything from the formal to the informal, a pub lunch, to a work meeting. Look what a difference just a change of outerwear can make! With the trench coat, you can quite happily go shopping or to a personal appointment or with a blazer you are ready for drinks or a casual date night.

camel trench coat, jeans, white silk blouse, brown bag
white silk shirt, jeans, navy military style blazer, brown bag, high heels

Capsule Wardrobe: Cream Shirt Holiday styling idea

Your capsule wardrobe instead just for home, it's for the holidays too. We know it's all too tempting to buy new clothes for your holiday - hands up, guilty! -  but some of your key pieces, can easily be incorporated into your holiday looks and slipped into your suitcase as a dependable favourite. 

white silk shirt, hat, gold jewellery, sunglasses, navy knitted waistcoat, navy trainers, brown bag and belt, white shorts
blue short sleeve blouse, sunglasses, orange trousers, military jacket, sunglasses, navy handbag and trainers

Capsule Wardrobe: Black/Brown/Navy Styling Ideas

Gone are the days of the old-fashioned rule that you cannot mix black, brown and navy. We think it is a fabulous colour palette and look at all the stylish combinations you can achieve from the key pieces in your capsule wardrobe! 

jeans, navy military style blazer, brown bag, black roll neck
Breton jumper, jeans, navy  military style blazer, brown bag, high heels
camel wool trench coat, Breton jumper, jeans, brown bag
camel wool trench coat, umbrella, jeans, Breton jumper, brown bag, cow print belt, wellington boots

Capsule Wardrobe: LBD Summer/Winter Styling Idea

Ah the little black dress, our faithful, dependable go to dress, when you have one of those days where you simply hate everything you own - we've all been there!


However, in summer it's simple enough to just slip it on, no fuss, but winter can be another matter. That's where a investment like a trench coat comes into play. In wool or a sumptuous velvet they can really make a statement on your arrival - so you don't feel the need to take it off and hide it in the coat check the moment you are warm indoors.  

Black dress with high heels
camel trench, Black dress with high heels

Capsule Wardrobe: LBD Date Night Styling Idea

A Little black dress isn't just for parties, with a few clever styling options you can turn them into a super chic and simple date night outfit.


Teaming it with a roll neck jumper underneath might seem strange, but it transforms it into a whole new look, and is super cosy for a cooler evening, or something more informal for a more casual setting.

navy military jacket, black dress, high heels
black dress, high heels, black roll neck jumper

What did you think to how we styled our key pieces of our capsule wardrobe?


The combinations are limitless when you incorporate other items of clothing, but this just shows you, you can dress the same pieces up or down to suit any occasion. Repetition doesn't have to be boring, it can be incredibly varied, especially when you use different accessories and jewellery!


We hope you now feel encouraged to try creating your own capsule wardrobe! Try it yourself and feel #guineaglam


-The Guinea team xx

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