At the core of the Cousins' collection are coats, jackets and skirts in British woven wool tweed.

We work with British mills, in the traditional heartlands of the weaving process such as Yorkshire to design and select the finest cloths for our garments.  Quality is paramount from the selection of the yarns through to the weaving and finishing of the cloth.  These are tried and tested heritage skills which have endured through the years to ensure a top quality world renowned product.

The yarns we use are dyed and then spun locally before cone winding prepares them for the warp in the weaving process.  The traditional weaving processes that create the cloth are graded by weight. One of the finest that Cousins selects for its durable and hard wearing qualities is a 500 glm (grams per linear meter) and 335 gsm (grams per square meter) weight cloth.  It is no co-incidence that this superior weight of cloth is used for the weaving of tartan for kilt lengths.

Then the making begins. If you look at the pattern matching on our garments it is second to none - we are constantly on the quest to find manufacturers who can work with our complex cloth patterns to ensure that every seam and every detail on the coat perfectly matches and finding them is not easy.  Before cutting the cloth is laid out on long tables and the horizontal and vertical patterns are painstakingly and laboriously pinned and marked to ensure that when the cutting begins the pieces will match on every seam and every dart.

By the time we bring our garments on their hangers to you, we know that we have a superior product that will stand the test of time and which represents the Best of British.