Wool and the sustainability of wool, natural and renewable fabrics

Wild And Woolly

Judie Cutting  
Founder & Creative Director 

Guinea London loves wool – the ultimate sustainable textile. In fact, we are proud that the wool we use to make our coats is woven here in the UK, in Yorkshire to be precise. Up in Yorkshire they know a thing or two about sustainability, and the mill we work with already uses solar energy to power its looms, with any by products such as loom oil recycled, and any textile waste being used in manufacturing fabrics for furniture and bedding, so waste is kept to a minimum.

Wool IS sustainable...

The fact is, that as a natural fibre, wool is completely biodegradable. When discarded and left to rot, it will not accumulate in the environment, but breakdown naturally into harmless compounds.

Sheep are shorn annually, and with the wool industry thriving, wool is being produced abundantly and sustainably without any stress on the environment or the sheep.  

Wool uses far less energy to produce than synthetic fibres, plus it does not release polluting micro-plastics when washed and unlike nylon and polyester fabrics that can still be around in 200 years -  it will biodegrade.

Britain is still one of the biggest wool producers in the world, supplying over 22,000 tonnes a year. With UK farmers receiving on average £1.50 per kilo for wool, a 300% increase on the price paid back in 2009, it is great news for them and the industry as a whole.

Guinea London's Woolly Hero Pieces 

We love the Merino ‘Alice Cardigan’ a beautifully soft and very pretty piece, available in two classic colours navy and camel.  Because it is made from Merino, the finest wool in the world, it is the perfect transitional piece that can be worn all year round, even on a cool summer evening!

The Piccadilly Tweed Coat is that classic investment item which will take any outfit to new levels of chic. This pretty style is created from one of our exclusive Yorkshire tweeds, and if you’re looking for good neutral colours which will work in your wardrobe for years to come, then the fawn or navy are the perfect choices.

So, if you want to support this great British industry just buy more wool and remember to tag us #bemoreguinea, and don’t forget #campaignforwool