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Summer Essentials - The Perfect Holiday Wardrobe

The Perfect Holiday Picks

We know the dilemma all too well - you've booked the perfect holiday, now what to pack? You don't want to over pack, but at the same time, the worry is always there - have you packed the right pieces?

Holidays are meant to be stress free right? So follow our top picks for a totally relaxing break. We put our emphasis on luxurious, easy and versatile pieces so see our top picks and we'll tell you why they made the cut!

1. At number 1 - the perfect summer dress

This is definitely number 1 on our list and for all the right reasons. The perfect summer dress should be able to take you from day to evening with a simple change of accessories or shoes and above all, have an easy relaxed fit that is super flattering and feminine. So welcome to Lucy. This Lucy dress is pure silk, so as well as making you feel glamorous and chic, it takes up next to no room in your case and works perfectly day or evening.

During the daytime pair with a simple white cami and leave the front largely unfastened to show off your tan. It looks fabulous with trainers or sandals.

For evening just add a beautiful wide belt and some heels and you'll feel fabulous.


A pretty top you can wear with jeans or shorts is guaranteed to smarten up any outfit.

The Emily tops are made in pure sik and have a relaxed fit with super feminine ruffles. They are perfect for a holiday piece as they are light and just slip in your suitcase, but will add some luxury and style to you day or evening wardrobe.

The Emily top comes in blue or pink so whatever your fancy you can always find the perfect colour.


We know it's a bit sneaky adding another dress as our top pick number 3, but this really is a must have dress for any holiday.

The boho maxi styling is the perfect cover-all whether you are sight-seeing or heading for the dance floor. It travels really well with minimal creasing and like all our fav picks it can be dressed up or down so it works whatever you have planned. Oh, and did we say the style is so flattering and feminine?