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Lipstick Inspo: Guinea Team talk

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Emma Westwood

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Team Talk at Guinea

Did you know that it was National Lipstick Day on Saturday 29th July? Neither did we at Guinea, until Rowan, one of our fulfilment team mentioned it. So that of course got us discussing our favourite lipstick products and some quite surprising revelations occurred- one of our team feels naked going out of the house without a coat of colour on her lips, while another never wears lipstick apart from on the very rare occasion!


We hope you enjoy getting to know our Guinea team more in this light-hearted blog. 

A classic red lip

I would image if you were asked in envision a classic red lip, the first thing that would come to mind, is an image of Marilyn Monroe. 


This icon is legendary for her trade mark red pout. 


However, I have never found my signature shade of red, but apparently that is because I might be wearing the wrong shade; as a red lipstick, isn't just a red lipstick. Oh no, they can have blue or orange undertones. I found this Mac Cosmetics Guide  useful, as well as this blog article, by a former makeup artist, in trying to narrow down what would be the perfect red shade for me.  

Marilyn Monroe in red lipstick against a red and white background

Lipstick: A rainbow selection of shades

Lipsticks come in so many shades and colours, you can match them to your mood or personal style. They also come in an array finishes; satin, matt, sheer, cream, metallic…


There is a lipstick out there for everybody!


Many in the office opt for a shade close to their own lip colour, but some prefer to enhance their lips with a pop of bright colour, like Rowan, who was the inspiration for this article. 


Here at Guinea HQ we love Charlotte Tilbury's Hot Lips Kit. So many colours and such fun, cute packaging too!

lipsticks in rainbow colours

Lip Gloss

It seems lip gloss is a either love it or loath it product. The marmite of makeup. The office is split 50/50. Some consider it too sticky, while others think that a simple top coat can really glam up their favourite lipstick for a special occasion.


Dior Addict Lip Maximizer comes in so many colours and finishes (glittery, shiny, holographic) it's hard to choose just one!

model wears pink lip gloss

Lip Tint

You know how I mentioned earlier, that I have never found my signature red, well that's because I am the member of the Guinea team that rarely wears lipstick! This was quite shocking to some in the office. That's because if I am going to wear makeup, I prefer a product that is duel purpose and I opt for a lip stain or tint, which can also double as a blush.


Quite honestly, I forget to reapply lipstick and they tend to fade in a very funny manner on me anyway- and don't even get me started on lip gloss- just no, I cannot cope with the stickiness! But I do love a lip tint; as my lips never dry out, they apply evenly, and fade beautifully.


One of my personal favourites is this Benefit cheek and lip tint

Lip Balm

For everyday use, and especially in winter, we all reach for the lip balm to soothe dry lips.


Our Head of Design, Judith, is a fan of Elizabeth Arden products and has slowly converted most of the office into purchasing this brand, for one product or another.


Elizabth Arden is famous for her Eight Hour range and we love this award winning Intensive Lip Repair Balm.

Has the Guinea team mentioned one of your favourite Lip Products?


I bet you've never given lip products quite this much thought before. I know I certainly hadn't, but it is a wonderful way to compliment a look, or give yourself a boost of confidence. 


We do hope you are enjoying our Guinea Team Talk Blogs. We never quite know what is going to spark a conversation in the office and we love sharing our thoughts with you.


Remember, stay stylish, stay confident, stay #guineaglam


-The Guinea Team xx