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Jeans for your Body Type

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Emma Westwood

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What wardrobe is complete without a pair of Jeans!


We all know buying jeans can be an absolute bore and when you do find a pair you like, you buy four pairs, just so you don't have to go through the ordeal again any time soon - and just in case you never find a pair you like as much again! 


The problem is, there are so many different cuts and fits you might just plunge ahead trying on styles without actually knowing what suits you or why you like them.


Here at Guinea we are going to try and break it down and make it as simple as possible for you to find a style of jean which will suit your shape and body type.


I promise their is a jean for your body type out there!



The rise simply means where waist band sits. 


Low Rise

Sits 2 inches below the naval and rests more on the hips. If this is a style you want to opt for make certain they are a excellent fit or be prepared to wear a belt. It shows off curvy hips and is ideal for an athletic body shape that wishes to showcase their midriff. This is not the most easy to wear style, so if you want hassle free comfort it may be best avoided.


Mid Rise

Sits just below the naval. This is the most figure-friendly style and also the most versatile as it works with different length tops - which gives you option of tucking them in or keeping them floaty and loose.


High Rise

Sits on the naval or above. This is the most vintage or retro style. It suits both athletic and curvy shapes as it accentuates the waist, especially with tucked in tops, or ones tied at the waist. Of course, even if hidden under tops, it gives you more confidence if your mid section is a trouble area, which it is for many.



This means the style in which the jean is cut.


Straight Leg

This is the original classic style jean. The legs are straight with no flare and shouldn't cling but skim. This is a great choice for apple, hourglass and athletic shapes. It is a good all purpose style.



This is similar to a straight cut but has a more relaxed fit. Imagine you have put on a slightly oversized pair of men's jeans. They should sit lose on the hips, highlight the derrière (if it is too loose in that area it can be a unflattering style) and are in some cases, long in the leg, so you wear it with a turned up cuff. Be aware this style can volume to the lower half so is recommended for apple or athletic shapes.



This style is designed to come in and be tight to the ankle, so they tend to cling and can be unforgiving, that being said any body type can wear this in the right wash with the right styling. However, we highly recommend to opt for a style with stretch for most comfort. It will show off curves and an athletic figure alike, but this is a style you either love or loath, but why not give them a try following the Guinea guidelines. After all, if you try them and hate them, there is no need to buy them!



These jeans have a little flare to the calve and ankle but is not too extreme. Highly flattering for a pear or hourglass shape as it helps balance the body by visually widening the lower leg to match the hips.



The most retro style, but no longer to the extremes of the 70s, this style can elongate the leg - but make certain you get the right length for your build; you don't want to swamp a petite frame with an overly long style, so look for something which grazes the floor. It is a fabulous style on hourglass or pear shapes, as it balances proportions. Athletic body types can go for a fitted style with a more extreme flare to make an style statement.

models in different styles of jeans

Back Pockets


Pockets have a surprising effect on the shape of your derrière, so here are some key pointers to make the most of your assets.


For those with a flatter derrière these style of pockets are ideal for creating a rounder, perky posterior. 


*Flap Style Back Pockets

*Button Back Pockets

*Embellishment/Embroidery/Contrast stitching


For those with a rounder derrière these styles are to be recommended.


*Big back pockets - small pockets can make a posterior look wider.

*Plain Back Pockets

*Pocket Positioning - when looking in the mirror, your back pockets should to start mid-way down your behind, and end around the tops of your thighs, for the most flattering effect.

*Pockets placed closer together have a slimming effect.




The wash simply means the colour of the jeans.


Obviously you can wear whatever wash you choose but generally a dark wash will be more slimming and look smarter, and a light wash is considered more casual.


Don't feel you have to be limited to white, blue or black jeans, why not have fun with your jeans and try one in a vibrant colour instead!

jeans of different wash types from white to dark wash

Do you know know which are the best jeans for your body type?


We hope this Guinea guide has helped you in your quest in finding the most flattering jean style for you and your body type. It is so easy to hear the terms but it can be a little confusing knowing exactly what they mean - especially as there are so many style available! Hopefully you are now more informed and feeling confident that when you next go jean shopping, you know exactly what to look for.


Be stylish, be fabulous, be #guineaglam


-The Guinea Team xx