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Ice cream Inspo: Guinea Team Talk

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Emma Westwood

Guinea Team Blogger

Team Talk at Guinea

Team Talk is a chance for you to feel part of the Guinea family, and get to know the behind the scenes team, by getting an insight into some of the conversations which take place in head office - as random as they may be!


What's got us talking this week? 


Well here at Guinea head office we heard on the radio that it's National Ice Cream Day on Sunday 16th July and that got us to thinking, if our products were ice creams, what flavour would they be?


So here is just a bit of ice cream inspo which we hope brightens your day.

Raspberry Ripple: Kitty Jumper



With Raspberry in the title, what else could it be, other than our Raspberry and Navy Kitty Jumper as Raspberry Ripple ice cream. The bands on the jumper even look like ripples. It couldn't be more perfect! Plus, this jumper is ideal for a cool summer evening, paired with a summer dress, or jeans and some espadrilles.

Raspberry Ripple Ice crean

Salted Caramel: Trench Coat/ Wrap Coat




We couldn't decide between our Camel Melton Wool Trench Coat, suggested by Charlotte, our Marketing Assistant here at Guinea, or Isabella our Wool Camel Wrap Coat, which Rowen, who is one of our order fulfilment team thought was a better fit.


Which coat do you think is Salted Caramel? The office just couldn't agree.

salted caramel ice cream in a glass with caramel sauce

Mint Choc Chip: Lucy Peacock Dress




This one was my contribution to the team talk. I didn't convince everybody at first, but they eventually came around to my way of thinking. Personally, I think Guinea's Lucy Peacock Dress just screams ice cream weather, beaches, and with the print being green, with those hints of deeper shades, to me it couldn't be anything other than this delicious ice cream flavour. 

Mint choc chip ice cream in a glass with mint leaves and chocolate chips

Strawberry: Emily Pink Hearts


Another unanimous pick in the office, was the short sleeve, silk, Emily Pink Hearts Blouse as strawberry flavour. This delicate pink blouse has always been a firm favourite in the Guinea office for it's sleeves alone - with its elasticated cuff, it means comfort for any upper arm, which can be a problem area for many. This blouse is designed with comfort and confidence in mind, especially in these summer months when arms are more prominently on display. 

strawberry ice cream in a pink glass with fresh strawberries

Vanilla: Emily Cream Silk Shirt




What can be more classic than Vanilla. It goes with everything, which is why our pick had to be our Emily Cream Silk Shirt, which goes with everything too! Whether it's an office look, a casual evening, dressed up, dressed down, teamed with a skirt, trousers, or shorts, this blouse is truly versatile, and is a timeless, chic and classic wardrobe staple.

vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone

Did you agree with our picks, here at Guinea head Office?

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little better, here at Guinea HQ- that's right, we getting informal, now you are feeling more part of our fun and creative team.


Stay stylish, stay confident, but don't forget to be that little bit silly. #guineaglam


-The Guinea Team xx