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Emma Westwood

Guinea Team Blogger

You may have seen our hashtag #guineaglam on our social media- and we absolutely encourage you to use it, when tagging yourself in your social media posts, wearing your fav Guinea outfit!


But #guineaglam is more than just a hashtag, it embodies what the Guinea brand means to us and how we want you to feel in it.

white lettering on a gold glitter background

What #guineaglam means to us


Guinea is not about fast fashion, we are about timeless, classic pieces, which are cut to flatter, and that you reach for time and again.


Every one of our garments is created to give the wearer confidence and we do this by incorporating a number of discreet design elements into the pattern from the get go. We don't believe in afterthoughts!


From our elasticated cuffed sleeves; which finishes at the slimmest part of the arm, just above the elbow, expands for a perfect fit, meaning no more excess fabric bunching under a cardigan or blazer, to our looser cut fit, which skims your trouble areas and allows you to indulge in a dessert without worrying about straining seams. We always strive for style without compromising on comfort.


We also cannot forget, the genius of the subtle elasticated back panel, featured in many of our dresses, which give you the fab fitted waist which we all desire, while also nipping in beautifully at the lower back, making the bum shapely rather than swamped with fabric. Never a good look!


models wear pink floarl silk dress. Model wears a green and blue print dress with espadrilles


We want Guinea women to feel fabulously feminine, which is why our designs incorporate delicate frills, touches of luxury; such a lurex in our knit wear, and mother of pearl buttons.


We also opt to create our designs in one of our most favourite fabrics… silk. We choose silk time and again for its soft feel and breathability. Who wants to perspire in polyester!


We also believe an item should be versatile. Our classic Emily silk shirt can easily be worn with jeans for a casual pub lunch, teamed with high waisted trousers for the office, or really glammed up with a sleek skirt and knee high boots for date night. Adding a velvet trench coat, really makes a statement.

model wear a cream silk shirt, with mother of pearl buttons, a black skirt and black tights
models wear cream silk shirt, with jeans and a velvet trench coat

Guinea wants you to feel glamourous, whatever the occasion, whatever your style, for you to put your best foot forward with confidence and be #guineaglam

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