Pink and brown leopard print, blues, ornage and purple stylized print, green and blue peacock print

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Pink and brown leopard print, blues, ornage and purple stylized print, green and blue peacock print
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Emma Westwood

Guinea Team Blogger

Here at Guinea we absolutely love prints! What do we love more than prints? Well, we adore nothing more than picking the perfect print for the perfect garment. 


But that's not quite as simple as it sounds. So let us share with you a few secrets about the process, and how we create a Guinea print. 

Where to Begin

First of all, we need a bespoke design. How do we go about sourcing one?


There are two ways.


The first way, is we love nothing more than discovering vintage prints and modifying them to a more modern colour palette. However, you can't just find a print and use it - no matter how much you might be inspired to rush through a product concept. No, you have to do due diligence. You have to investigate and research if it is still subject to copyright. Only when you know the print is discontinued can you buy it, use it and make it your own.


The second way to create a print and design it yourself, or have a very talented and creative person come up with some concepts, based on the brief we give them. For instance, we might be thinking of design concepts for the summer collection, so we want something, fresh, floral, summery. Nothing too busy, or too big, something classic. Or maybe we want bold, abstract and dramatic.


Not an easy task is it?


But once we narrow down the basic concept, then the fun can really begin!



pink and purple floral print
Blue and white abstract print

Modifying Prints

Now we are the stage where we can change colours and resize the print.


You wouldn't believe the number of conversations which take place about the right shade of a colour, but it can make all the difference! If a blue, for example, appears too grey, it can appear dull and  washed out - not at all what you had envisioned for the relaxed fit, bright silk shirt for spring or summer you were designing.


Then there is the size of the print. A bold and abstract design might work well on a dress, but has the potential to be too overpowering and busy on a blouse. Which is why proportion and the scale of the pattern is so important. We won't let a garment go into production that we do not 100% feel is right. We want every garment and everywoman who wears it to be #guineaglam.

Examples of what a difference colour can make to a print.

Same Designs differnt vibes

blue, purple and orange abstract design beside a pink, green and yellow abstract design. Words reading original and variant
pink and brown leopard print beside a blue leopard print. Words reading original and variant


Now a garment can finally go into production, but that doesn't mean that is the end of the process. Oh no, before a garment has a full production run, there has to be a garment sample made - this is the point if there is anything that needs tweaking, needs to be tweaked. This is the last chance. Only when we are absolutely satisfied do we signed off on it.

Now Let's see what some of the these fabulous prints i have showcased got made into!

We hope this Guinea blog, has enlightened you to the creative process of designing a print and what goes on behind the scenes at Guinea HQ in order to make the perfect garment for you!


-The Guinea Team xx