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Guinea Confidential: March

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Well March this year is certainly filled with lots of lovely events to look forward to including Mother's Day and Easter, which generally means lots of time spent with family, but there is also St David's and St Patrick's day, and World Book Day and we have lots of ideas of ways you can celebrate, so why not settle in for some Guinea Confidential spring inspiration.

Rest, Read, Relax

World Book Day is the 7th March and encourages children to read more, but why not take the opportunity to revisit a childhood favourite of your own, or share it with your children and grandchildren.

Here is one of the Guinea Team's favourite childhood books.

A classic absolutely beloved by our Guinea team blogger, Emma, who is also our most avid reader in the office, is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Emma was so absolutely entranced by this tale of a orphaned child and the garden which she brings back to life, that it has left her with a life long love of gardening, and a short lived childhood obsessed with big old clunky keys.

If you are already a fan of the Secret Garden and are after something similar, but in the adult fiction category, why not try A Secret Garden Affair by Erica James.

Set against the backdrop of Charles and Diana's wedding, as well as the glamorous heyday of the 1920's and 30's, this book follows three women whose lives are interwoven, and explores themes of the friendships we form, family we must endure, secrets we keep, and most of all love. 

A most enjoyable floral scattered read as we head in spring.

open book beside a candle and blanket and a cup of tea in a glass cup

Seasonally Scrummy

Eating seasonally really starts to build momentum this time of year, because let's face it, if we ate purely seasonally, in winter it would be a lot of potato, cabbage and stored apples - all very delicious and nutritious but rather tedious after a while.

So now is the time to start enjoying the new seasonal produce, as well as some firm favourites, so why not in the spirit of St David's day (Wales) and St Patrick's day (Ireland) make a potato and leek gratin, combining traditional flavours from those two nations.

This  Gratin of potatoes and leeks with garlic and thyme  by Rachel Allen, featured in Delicious Magazine, looks scrumptious and is recommended by Jo in our order fulfilment team.

And wouldn't it be the perfect side dish to accompany the traditional leg of lamb at Easter!

Guinea Confidential' s Must See, Must Do

An exhibition some of us here at Guinea HQ absolutely cannot wait to see, is Sargent and Fashion at the Tate Britain.

Running from 22 February - 7July 2024 this is a rare opportunity to see some of John Singer Sargent's paintings which rarely travel, and most excitingly, some will be displayed along side garments featured in the portraits. 

Guinea's Lifesaver Lifehacks

Some foods are just quintessentially Easter treats, such as Easter eggs, hot cross buns or Simnel cake, however after all that baking at Christmas, many of us lack the enthusiasm for more batch baking, and when there are plenty of quality products already available to buy, why not buy shop bought and make it your own!

In the case of Simnel cake, that is a rather tricky product to acquire, however you can easily buy a fruit cake, for Easter a lighter based fruit case is always a lovely option, and decorate it yourself by simply adding a marzipan top and 11 marzipan balls. 

You can even add edible spring flowers. 

Or for something a little different, and a fun activity to do with the children or grandchildren, you could always add chocolate mini eggs and wafer flowers instead.  And if your family aren't marzipan lovers, you could always do a simple drizzle icing instead.

Plus, the beauty of buying a good quality ready made, is you can buy as big or small a cake as you require - that way you aren't worrying you made too much, and you are not left desperately trying to get rid of it, by giving anyone and everyone who comes to call a slice!


easter cake covered in drizzle icing, wafer flowers and mini eggs


Introducing a new section to Guinea Confidential - #Guineaglam - where we style a Guinea's garment for a special occasion.

And this month we can't think of anything more perfect for a Mother's Day or Easter meal than our Belle blouse

This silk blouse comes in a beautiful pastel blue and cream print design, and has an absolutely delightful oversized collar, with a soft ruffle edge. Utterly feminine, and so easy to wear, that we have styled it two ways. 

For a informal family gathering the Belle blouse will look fabulous teamed with an oversized cream knit cardigan, like this one from Will's Vegan Store, made from recycled material - we love a brand which is all about sustainability!

Or if you are going out, why not swap the knitwear for a stylish light blue blazer. 

These looks are not only look refreshing and bright, but are versatile enough to suit warmer or cooler weather.

Love the featured trainers? Those are ours too! Guinea's Camden Trainers are available in bronze and silver.

Guinea belle blouse, with light blue blazer, cream knit cardigan, jeans, belt, trainers ad bag