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Guinea Confidential: February

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February is often overlooked, being the shortest month of the year, but my word this fleeting month is crammed full of events - Valentine's Day, Pancake Day, Lent, and this year is also a Leap Year! So put your feet up and make the most of this small but mighty month with the Guinea Confidential.

Rest, Read, Relax

Now, the book recommendation for Guinea Confidential this month, comes from the 'to be read pile' of our marketing assistant Charlotte, which we thought would be rather a fun and fitting read for Valentine's Day.

Psyche and Eros by Luna McNamara is the retelling of the Greek myth involving the God of Love/Desire and a mortal princess. And if we know anything about Greek mythology, it's that the course of true love never does run smooth! We cannot wait to read this spin on the ancient story. Here's hoping this love story will end happily ever after... 

open book with candle, fairy lights and a cup of tea

Seasonally Scrummy

Well there really is only one recipe we can recommend this month and that is pancakes! Sweet or savoury, homemade or shop bought - some of us really don't have the nack of flipping them, and would rather heat up, than clean up! However, if you do want to make at home, and get the children or grandchildren involved in the making of the batter, with this Perfect Pancakes Recipe from BBC Good Food. It is a fabulous basic recipe, perfect for whatever topping you desire.

Of course everybody likes their pancake served differently - some like a traditional squeeze of lemon and sprinkling of sugar, while others are drizzled in a chocolate hazelnut spread, then there are the most bold of all who like to combine sweet and savoury by pairing bacon and maple syrup together! 

If you see our tip tip below, we suggest a super way of everybody getting the topping they want, without you feeling like you are a personal chef to multiple different people.

pancakes with lemon wedges

Guinea Confidential Lifesaver Lifehacks

We promised you a pancake top tip and here it is... create your own pancake bar.

It is super easy to do too, simply prepare all your toppings before you start cooking your pancakes and set them out ready, so while you are flipping up a storm in a pancake production line, people can be helping themselves to toppings.

You can also make it as fancy or basic as necessary, in order to suit your needs.

pancake board with fresh fruit, bacon, chocolate chips and syrup

Popcorn Picks

Emma, our Guinea team blogger, and lover of all things vintage, is extremely excited for this upcoming series on Apple Tv+

The New Look, explores how Christian Dior and his contemporaries in the fashion industry, navigated the horrors of World War II, in order to create modern fashion. With a star studded cast including, Juliette Binoche as Coco Chanel, John Malkovich, Glenn Close and the list goes on and on of famous faces you will recognise, we are hoping this series will not disappoint.

The New Look releases 14th February.

buckets of popcorn and a tv remote

Guinea's Must See, Must Do

Did you know that Bonhams is auctioning some of the costumes and props from the Netflix Series, The Crown? I cannot tell you how excited we are here at Guinea HQ!

Bonhams: The Crown Auction is on display until the 5th February, you can view these spectacular items up for auction, at their New Bond Street venue, and tickets can be booked for free!

However if you can't make it in person, you can scroll the auction catalogue from the comfort of your own chair, until the auction goes live on the 7th February. The array of reproduction dresses up for sale is drool worthy, not to mention some of the antique furniture.

Now, can we find room in our warehouse for the replica of The Gold State Carriage... 

Bonhams auction display of dress from the Netflix series The Crown