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Guinea Confidential: August

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The Guinea team ushered in July at The Great Yorkshire Show, and despite the weather we had a fabulous time, and we will see out August at the glorious setting of the Burghley Horse Trials -I'm certain we will undoubtedly see some of you there - we do hope so!


August can be a tremendously busy month with the children off school, and it can be a struggle to balance the day to day entertaining of little ones; keeping them occupied with activities and out of mischief, while maybe still working and trying to tie up lose ends before holidays, then the packing…. and on top of that you might also have teenagers preparing to go to university! You can be so consumed thinking about others you don't find time for yourself.


That is why you may not be aware but Tuesday 15th August is National Relaxation Day and what with all this coming and going to events, both personal and professional, it's nice to find time to unwind with the Guinea teams recommendations of the month in the Guinea Confidential. So sit, back, make a cup or tea, or pour yourself and G&T and take five minutes just for yourself in this Guinea Confiential deadicated to self care.

Rest, Read, Relax

When this book caught the eye of Jo, one of our order fulfilment team, word soon spread, and the entire office couldn't wait to buy it. We are all rather fond of horses here at Guinea HQ- I'm certain you can understand!


The Bridleway: How Horses Shaped the British Landscape, written by Tiffany Francis-Baker and published by Bloomsbury Press, looks certain to be a fascinating read.


We were all particularly enchanted by this section from the back cover blurb:


From atop her horse, Tiffany discovers how horses are woven into the fabric of British culture, from street and pub names to trading routes and coaching inns. As she investigates how horses have shaped British landscapes, she offers a glimpse into the intriguing history of the bridleway.”


Doesn't that sound a glorious way to spend a summer's day, and if we cannot spend it riding, the next best thing is reading about it.


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Our next recommendation is rather unusual, as it is not for a book, but for a magazine. The Simple Things is a lifestyle magazine, published monthly, available in print and digital, and is full of the most beautiful photographs, and articles which celebrate slowing down and making time for fun, friends and family.


Look out for a recipe from The Simple Things blog, below.

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Seasonally Scrummy

We are still fortunately blessed to be in strawberry season, however by this point you may have just had one too many bowls of strawberries and cream, and are looking for something a little different to do with the handful of leftovers you undoubtedly have lingering in the fridge looking sad neglected. This recipe from The Simple Things blog, is a lovely and refreshing Strawberry Fizz Tipple.


It can be made with or without alcohol, so it is ideal for a family friendly get together, or a boozy brunch with the girls.



Guinea London's Must See, Must Do

Charlotte, our marketing assistant, has heard nothing but wonderful things about this fun exhibition Portraits of Dogs: From Gainsborough to Hockney at The Wallace Collection. This exhibition is dedicated to dogs, captured in all forms of artistic mediums, and runs until 15th October 2023. Charlotte is quite desperate to see it being a dog lover herself!


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Guinea London's Lifesaver Lifehacks

Our top tip of the month is- make time for you! It's too easy to be so consumed looking after others that you neglect yourself. If you can't find time in your hectic schedule for a spa day, or to treat yourself to a mani-pedi, why not have an indulgent soak in a hot bubble bath at home. Pour in your favourite scented bath product, light a candle, and don't forget a cheeky glass of wine while you soak away your stress.


And after the soak, why not turn your daily skincare into an at home facial, by adding a face mask and some cucumbers into your routine- we recommend you pop both in the fridge, so they are super cool and refreshing when applied. 

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Tip, Tap, Get That App

Relaxation is sometimes easier said than done, which is why Emma, our blogger, recommends the app, Calm.


Calm aims to improve your health and happiness. Whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, sleep issues, or merely wish to clear a busy mind through meditation, this app aids in bringing some peace and tranquillity in an increasingly hectic world.


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