About Us

About Us

Racing is where it all began 35 years ago and today we are very proud of our roots and our links to this, the greatest sport on earth.

Limited Edition Tweed Collection

At the heart of the Cousins brand is the annual Limited Edition Tweed Collection. There is nothing like British woven tweed - its quality, durability and excellence is renowned the world over.  There is just one thing that at Cousins we felt we could add and that is designing our own tweed cloth each year.  Working closely with traditional Yorkshire based mills we design about 8 new cloths a year. No cloth is ever repeated - sometimes an individual design is so popular that it can sell out within a couple of months, but you know that when you buy from us there will not be dozens of others about.

The design and production process is detailed - it starts in about April each year when we discuss our ideas and colour choices with the mill's design team.  From  perhaps about 40 sample CADs are produced from which we whittle it down until we have the chosen cloths.

Once the designs are signed off it is over to the mill, who having selected the highest quality yarns begin the 12 week process of weaving the cloth, before it finally goes in to manufacture.