A flat lay of some classic pieces of womens clothing including a striped Breton top.

The Secret of Timeless Style

Judith Cutting 
Founder and Creative Director 

Nicky Malone, style expert and leading Fashion PR discusses the secret to timeless style with Guinea London.

It’s a new year, and spring is on the horizon, so Guinea has managed to get an interview with the fabulous Fashion PR and style guru Nicky Malone, to bring you the ultimate in styling tips and secrets.   Nicky works with many beautiful brands, designers and of course stylists and clients ensuring they look fabulous for any occasion or event. Her experience is second to none when it comes to dressing and styling for a timeless, classic and chic look whatever the occasion. 

Q: Nicky, what are your top styling tips for 2020?

N: I always feel that you need to start with the absolute basics, such as a good haircut and colour because it feels great and can take years off you. I also think that this time of year is the best time to start getting in shape for spring and summer - starting now will mean all the hard work will pay off in the summer season. Then, I would advise anyone to look at a few investment pieces that won’t just be for this spring but will get plenty of wears for the next 3 or 4 years as well. 

Nicky’s top 2019 Investment piece: Last spring, I bought a simple blue Rixo dress with a neck-tie, it was a cut and shape that I know works for me and my body type. I had so many wears out of it due to its versatility, and was able to wear it different ways, accessorised with various belts, trainers and shoes or with a tailored jacket for an extra layer when it was chilly. It was just one of those great pieces that was able to work for so many different occasions and looks. I know that I will be getting a great number of wears from the dress again this year too, so it was a great investment for me. 

Q: What are the top trans-seasonal pieces that every woman should own?  

N: Good jeans that fit to your body shape whatever the style are a must – if they make you look and feel fabulous, that’s what matters. Next is a classic white shirt or blouse, they look chic even when worn with jeans and trainers, they are versatile and great for any occasion. Go for a quality one that way you will wear it for years rather than just one season.   

You can’t beat a good base layer to beat the chill, I like a close fitting finer jumper rather than a chunky knit, and for me I would go for the Guinea Bella Merino ribbed knit in grey as you could either wear alone, or layer with other items such as a blazer or chic coat. It would be the perfect knitwear piece for me.

For another absolute “must have” piece, I would say a dress that will work throughout the year. For choosing styles and looks, I always work through this checklist:

  • Does the style and shape suit you?  
  • Can you wear it with bare legs or tights?
  • Could you pair with pumps/trainers for a casual look?
  • Could you rock up or pair back with a jacket or cardigan for a casual day look?
  • Can it be accessorised for a more formal conservative look?

Finally, on my list of essentials is a tailored jacket or blazer. Investing in a quality one and looking after it will mean you will wear it for years. Chosen carefully, it will simply never go out of fashion if you select a classic tailored cut with the versatility to wear over a dress or with jeans. 

Q: What are your style rules for 2020?

N: I must stress that my ultimate style rule is not to abandon yourself to a trend, always focus on what suits you. If you focus on the colour that works for you, along with cut, shape and style then you can nod to a trend without being a slave to it. Opting for classic styles and pieces that suit you and compliment your figure, are always better, and this will ensure you look and feel fabulous.

Q: What are your most classic investment pieces?

N: A classic camel coat that I’ve had for years. I look after it, so year after year it looks just as fabulous as when I first got it. I also love my Sky Blue Guinea Trench coat. The velvet detail on it is stunning, and I adore the way it moves. The cut of the Trench suits me, and just makes me so happy, plus I get so many compliments when I wear it, and I know I will be wearing it for years to come.

I also bought a Chanel handbag twenty or so years ago, which looks as good as new thanks to me really looking after it as I do with all investment pieces. Personally, when thinking about a purchase over say £90, I will always ask myself, 1) do I need it? 2) will it work with what I already have?, and 3) how many wears will I get from it? These three questions are really important to avoid impulse purchases and will stop you making a style error.

To sum up, I feel like the greatest thing you can discover is finding out what works for you, your skin tone and shape. Once you crack that, you have the answer to the secret of style that works for you. By focusing on your own style rules you can have fun, find pieces that spark joy and make you smile, after all confidence is the best thing you can wear!