beautiful organised wardrobe with womens clothes

Quarantine Clear Out

Judie Cutting
Founder and Creative Director 

Well, we can probably all admit that by now we are working out a new normal. With time on our hands at home, and less time spent on the morning routines of getting ready for work and commuting, there is no excuse to put off having a good clear out and organise our wardrobes.

First things first - sort those dreaded clothes hangers. Throw or recycle any which are tatty or broken and just keep the best and most suitable.  

Not worn it for 12 months? Then it’s time to say goodbye…

Let’s be honest, even the best and most organised of us have space wasters in our wardrobe, whether it doesn’t quite fit, is uncomfortable or was a mistake buy. Whatever the item, a good way to deduce whether to keep it or not, is to ask yourself 2 questions. 

  • Have I worn it in the last year?
  • Will I wear it 20 or more times over the coming season? 

Organise by type : Don’t overwhelm yourself by emptying everything out at once, organise by season. Right now with lock downs and travel bans we can probably pack away those thermals, thick woolly jumpers, and ski-wear etc. Vacuum bags are wonderful, but failing that, packing these items away until next year in storage bags or even cases clears the way and helps you see what you actually have. 

Party wear and Occasion wear : Often these are the most expensive but least worn and least hard working items in our wardrobe so a good tip here is to organise them neatly into protective covers and pop to one side. This way they will be accessible, but not mixed up with other items you will be wearing more often. 

Workwear : Well, this is a big uncertainty right now with lock down in full swing, however it is a great opportunity to sort your wardrobe in to seasons. Organise shirts, blouses etc along with transitional pieces that will work for warmer weather – anything past its best can either be taken for repair or removed for good. It’s also a good time to give those work shoes a clean ready for when we can all head back to normality! 

Loungewear: Let’s be honest, we are not wearing coats, Hobbs dress and heels for home-working! It’s all about comfort whilst looking chic, especially if you have Zoom calls or video conference to do. So, it might be a good idea to get ready and accessible all those extra little accessories that can take those comfy jeans, soft joggers, leggings up a gear. Think about occasion neutral base layers and add a good jumper or pretty top for an extra shot of glam. 

Beautiful Base Layers: A great base layer that is comfortable, chic yet easily layered are, our Bella merino ribbed jumpers, and for a crisp spring stripe our navy and camel Breton tops are the ultimate in casual classic elegance. For lazy days, general lounging and hanging out with the family, then our wonderfully cosy slouchy Rosie mohair sweaters are a surefire winner! 

Marie Kondo Folding: Here at Guinea we are all avid rollers and folders. It really is the best way to organise shelves and drawers because rolling and folding items means they are easily accessible yet take up far less space. You are also more able to see exactly what you have got, which in turn stops us buying items unnecessarily, so essentially organising our wardrobes not only creates a sustainable wardrobe but also helps you do a bit more for a more sustainable environment.

Then finally: Stand back and admire all your good work, and aesthetically pleasing new sustainable wardrobe - then go and pour yourself a delicious glass of wine. You deserve it!  

If this inspired you to get sorting through your wardrobe then send us a picture #GuineaLondon, we would love to see.  Take care, love from Guinea  xxx