rainbow coloured image to symbolise hope,  joy and happiness during lockdown covid19.  Little rainbow coloured hearts are dotted over the top.

Little Hits Of Happiness

Judie Cutting 
Founder and Creative Director 

Well, now we are on week 4 of isolation, Guinea London has compiled a list of happy things we can all do during this surreal unprecedented time to keep you busy and your spirits up.

Gardening: Even if you are not usually the most green-fingered, now is the perfect time to plant seeds ready for spring and summer, so we have picked some fast-growing bits and pieces you can sow and have blooming in no time. Lots of them will work for window boxes, as well as a bigger patch, so everyone can have a go. 

Sunflowers: Now is the ideal time to plant these amazing vibrant flowers. Anywhere sunny is ideal, tubs and pots work for smaller spaces, or if you have the space, stagger planting row after row a couple of weeks apart to keep a nice steady happy bloom going throughout the summer. 

Not only are they fun and colourful but sunflowers sprout pretty quickly and you will see them bloom after around 60 days.

Kale: You can plant kale most of the year and it’s incredibly hardy not to mention nutritious, plus it is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. Plant in a trough or tub and you will have beautiful tasty kale to add to your salads within 30 days.

Kale crisps are a lovely evening snack, simply wash and dry your kale, drizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper or spices and bake for 15 mins in an oven heated to 150 C.

Pretty and fragrant blooms: You can’t beat the beautiful scent of a sweet pea. Colourful and gorgeously fragrant, plant now and within 2 months you will have an explosion of scented flowers – ideal for patios, windows and balconies. Just remember to give them a bit of support to cling to as they shoot up.

Make Do + Mend Monday / Fix It Friday: Use the time at home in isolation to go through those pretty blouses, expensive shirts or coats and give them a clean, and check over. Replacing or fixing loose buttons, or sewing worn seams is something that we can do to give items a new lease of life and or get them ready for next season. You can find beautiful vintage buttons online and revamp or update older pieces of clothing. A crafty activity that prolongs or invigorates old or forgotten pieces in your wardrobe.

Organise those memories: We have all these photos of happy memories on our devices, but not actually printed out anywhere. Now is the time to rectify this. There are a number of really good photo printing apps and websites that will help you get photos organised for printing or arranging into photobooks. LALA Lab is one of our favourites. So, get those pictures off your phone and into the real world!

Spring sort-out: Now is the perfect time to get that ski-wear into storage, sort through your winter wear and pick out the spring and summer pieces you want to wear. Don’t put away all your knitwear just yet though, nothing is nicer on a cool spring evening than popping on a beautiful piece of merino or cashmere knitwear to take the chill off whilst you enjoy that evening glass of wine or gin and tonic. You can even read our guide to having a full on wardrobe sort out here

Whatever you do, set some goals and take some action. Our lives will soon be back to their normal hustle and bustle, so now is the perfect opportunity to get “sorted”!