Working from home with a laptop and puppy lying beside it.

Keeping Your Sanity and Style Whilst Working From Home

Judie Cutting
Founder and Creative Director 

Working from home, and missing the rest of the team and that daily coffee shop break, or Pret stop? Many of us have now moved from the office to working from home, or worse still, having to work from home along side a flatmate, partner or toddler! Well, here are Guinea's top tips to make it as successful as possible...

Dress for success: No, don’t think your usual office attire. Comfort is key, but keep your professionalism with a glam, or chic top for those Zoom calls or video conferences - cat print pyjama tops just won’t cut it! 

Stick to classics like a Breton top, or nice fine knit such as the Guinea London Bella Ribbed Knit jumper. No one needs to know what is going on with your bottom half!

Plan your space: Find yourself a nice spot where you can set up your office, some may of course already have a study or office space but for the majority not accustomed to a home working environment this is vital in order to be productive. For many, especially with children at home, then the kitchen table is more realistically where you will end up, and you will no doubt find yourself making those sandwiches and dishing out snacks while you keep an eye on emails. If you’re doing video calls, think about the “back drop” behind you – this is your stage set to the outside world, so don't sit in front of last night's washing up.

Make some rules: Set out ground rules for everyone in the house. Whether that’s do not disturb times, or sharing child duties so you can both work. One of the Guinea London team has created a child snack box, and when Alexa sounds the alarm her little darling can go and help herself to 1 item from the snack box. Genius!

Take a break: This is a new and somewhat anxious and stressful time for many. Ensure you take regular breaks and don’t forget your daily exercise walk outside. Simple things such as taking a coffee onto your doorstep, balcony or into the garden and having a few moments to recharge and refresh ready for your next task can make all the difference. Listen to the birdsong and breathe in the fresh spring air – enjoy the simple things.

Reward yourself: What’s happening is unprecedented, unexpected and for some it can be pretty miserable to be stuck at home, so give yourself little rewards. This could be reading a few extra pages of your book, a 5pm Gin and Tonic or a piece of chocolate – just take a few minutes for yourself. Yes, we are all on lockdown, but necessities and luxuries are still available online (woohoo), so what better time to plan and peruse that spring summer wardrobe or refresh the bathroom shelf with some treats. Keep an eye on the Guinea London website too as we will be doing a spring sale on all items. 

Stay home, stay safe and stay glam! Love from Guinea xxx